Oliver 5

ElanFrantoio/Firenza Guidi
July 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
Casa del Boccaccio, garden

Live music, circus, theatre, and images that imprint on the retina like etchings. A performance blending theatre-studio and street styles, hovering between air and land, comedy and tragedy, all nostalgically and distinctly contemporary.

Oliver 5, the strangest typewriter, belonged to Franz Kafka. The object brims with strange and mysterious buttons, wings, mysterious wheels, antennas, and various gadgets. Surely, it’s not difficult to look at this contraption and see where Kafka found inspiration to transform into a giant cockroach one morning. For years, director Firenza Guidi has nurtured the desire to engage with the author. This year, on the occasion of the centenary of his death, the opportunity presented itself.

Oliver 5 is a dreamlike journey through the fragmented and absurd writings of the charismatic writer, particularly “The Trial” and “The Castle”. Characterized by strong physicality, sensuality, and visual impact, Oliver 5 features a dramaturgy specially created for the Gardens of Casa Boccaccio. Circus skills imagined specifically for this venue include ground acrobatics, aerial acts, rope manipulation, juggling, all in service of storytelling and Firenza Guidi’s distinctive dramaturgical style, renowned internationally for her contemporary circus work.

Stage Writing, Concept, and Direction:: Firenza Guidi
Original Music: David Murray
Set Design and Costumes: Firenza Guidi
Lighting Technician: Giuseppe LoBiondo
Sound and live music: David Murray
Genre: Circus, Theatre, Performance, Physical Theatre

July 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
Times: 9:45 PM, 11:15 PM
Casa del Boccaccio, garden

Duration: 30 minutes

17 July - 18 July - 19 July - 20 July - 21 July - Secret Gardens