Arhat Teatro
July 19, 20
Museo di Arte Sacra, underground

Featuring Elena Ranghetti and Samuele Farina; artistic collaboration and costumes by Velda Noli; editing and direction by Pierluigi Castelli; scenic space conception by Arhat Teatro, scenic structure design by Rocco Martellacci (architect) and Francesca Casati (scenographer); light design by Arhat Teatro.

Set within a unique theatrical space where the audience is seated, the performance rigorously explores central themes of human history through the techniques of dance-theatre: masculinity and femininity, immanence and transcendence, power and submission, the loss of the sense of Being/Unity in continuous separation/division. “…A scenographic score of refined aesthetic beauty, a context strongly imbued with a dramaturgical action that captures (and positively disorients) the spectator’s concentration from the very beginning…” (Santo Giancotti – Art critic).

July 19 and 20
Times: 9:30 PM
Museo di Arte Sacra, underground

Duration: 55 minutes

19 July - 20 July - Secret Gardens